God hears….

HOPE#2. “God hears me when I pray.”
My little girl brought home from her Sunday school class a little sign with a little picture of herself she’d drawn. Above it, neatly typed “God hears me when I pray.” I don’t keep everything my children create or draw. But that day, I kept her art drawing and it hangs just inside my closet door. It’s humble, but it’s a mighty reminder to my soul. Soul, God hears you when you pray! Do you believe that? The sparrows sing. Constantly, nature sings its songs, but I can’t always listen. I can’t always hear their voices. Sometimes, my doors are shut. My windows may be drawn shut. The inner noises of my home may drown out the melodies the sparrows are singing. God hears, always. Always. He hears each sparrow’s song. He discerns their tones, He understands their melodies, and He knows them individually while caring for them omnipotently. There is no other like Him. When I was a little girl, my daughter’s age, I can remember riding in the car for miles and miles and not talking to my Mom while she drove. I cannot remember pelting her with questions as my children often do to me :). I certainly don’t remember having things explained to me as we have endeavored to answer our children’s questions and respond to their ideas. What my experience had been as a child communicating with my parents, for quite some time influenced my conversation with God. In the shadow of believing God is sovereign, and I still do believe He is omnipotently absolutely in control, I did not so readily come to him to pray and give to Him my concerns, my questions, my requests or my hurts. God has been teaching me. Unlike my earthly father, whom I rarely ever extended conversation with, my Heavenly Father hears my prayer at any time, every word, every whisper and even the unspoken “groanings that cannot be uttered”. He hears. I believe that is true because His word says it’s true. My earthly father, I don’t know if he knows the name of my third child. He doesn’t know what my days are like, what responsibilities I carry, what things make me laugh, what burdens or griefs have made me cry. He doesn’t know my struggles. My heavenly Father, He knows every thought I think, every word I say. He knows everything about me wholly. He cares for everything that concerns me. He tells me to bring Him my burdens and cares. He calls me to come. No human can hear our sparrowcries like God can. Just as I am limited to hear the sparrows outside my window at times, so also are the souls in closest proximity to our hearts. There are cries and songs that only God can hear. Soul, sing to Jesus. Sing to the Father. Sing through the Spirit. “Cast your cares on the Lord, He will sustain you.”

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